What Are Guardians?
  'Guardian' are volunteers who help with the community management of Thang Online. They are not official GMs.
  Guardian are given several privileges to carry out their responsibilities.
  Thang Guardians Responsibilities
  Treat everyone with equal respect
  Guardian are given several privileges to carry out their responsibilities.
  Maintain clarity and impartiality when resolving a conflic between two players
  Use mature language to players of Thang Online
  Remain polite even when others would normally feel insulted
  Post helpful messages on the messageboards
  Prevent misunderstanding when a GM takes disciplinary action against a reported player
  Immediately submit a bug report after encountering one
  Never use the Guardians privileges to further one's own benefit
  Never share the Guardian account with anyone else
  Notify the GMs before giving up the Guardian membership for personal reasons
  Must put in at least five hours of service every week as a Guardian.
  Areas of Supervision
  The supervision area for each Guardian may differ, depending on the tier and responsibilities of Guardians.
  Each Guardian may decide which area he or she would like to concentrate in. The area chosen then becomes the
    primary responsibility of that Guardian until advancing to the next tier.
  Helping New Players
  - Guide new players through the beginning levels
  - Must look for new players in town, or near starting points
  Enforcing Terms of Service
  - Report and restrict in-game misconducts. Must give out sufficient warnings before taking an action.
  - Must strictly adhere to the Terms of Service
  Community Management
  - Share on the messageboards the knowledge needed to enjoy Thang Online.
  - Direct new players to relevant information
  - Prevent rumor or personal insults from spreading on the boards
  Guardian Rate
1st step
2nd step
Minor Guardian
3rd step
Major Guardian
4th step
Master Guardian
  1st Step - Guardian
  - Basic requirements qualified. Uses helper title, but do not have any special authority.
  - This period is to check if you are really ready to be the Guardian.
  - Major activity is to help new users at in-game or forum wise.
  - You will be tested based on the quality of forum writing.
  - Guardian mark will be issued.
  2nd Step - Minor Guardian
  - You will be issued some Diens and Lunes for Guardian activity from Thang Online GMs.
  - You will have the actual authority to perform Guardian activity.
  - Major activities are helping new users at in-game or forum wise and also arbitrate between each users.
  - Guardian mark will be issued.
  3rd Step - Major Guardian
  - You will get more authority for Guardian activity as well as responsibility.
  - Major activity will be finding Thang Online users difficulties or needs and solve those matters by your self.
  - Guardian mark will be issued.
  4th Step - Master Guardian
  - You will have the most powerful authority as well as the same measure of responsibility.
  - You will be managing other minor Guardians.(available for 20times a day )
  - Major activity will be give delinquent users proper guidance to make joyful game community.
  - Guardian mark will be issued.
  Guardian membership deprivation standards
  Guardians are also fall under Thang Online's basic administration policy and going against these laws can be the
    reason for membership deprivation and further punishment.
  Thang Online GMs can take away your Guardian membership as the results of following activities.
  - Using other user's personal information.
  - Spreading rumors or uploading inferior writings on forum boards.
  - Abusing program bugs.
  - Impersonating Thang Online GMs.(Eternal account block)
  - Threatening someone with helper's authority.
  - No actual work for at least one week.
  - Sharing Guardian account ID with other users.
  - Fraud and abuse of Guardian authority.

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