Account damaged support
In this section, you will be able to report any kind of damaged account situation.
When making account problem reports, please fill out correct case informations for more thorough and accurate support investigation.
Ex : Correct abusive user name, subject, and time rate.

Please understand your account might be blocked during this supporting process in order to secure your account from any further damages.
We do keep individual game data information for 7 days, therefore please submit your problem within 7 days.
Please do not remove your properties during our damage investigation process.
If someone is using your account, please do not try to regain your account by yourself, but do report to us immediately.
Our investigation result data will be sent to this reporting account's e-mail address registered to our database.
If you have any problem with receiving this e-mail result, please contact to our Ask a GM section for further information.

Please notice you can get punished by making false statements.

Time :
Date :
00:00 ~ 09:00(GMT)
Monday ~ Friday
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