After purchasing the desired amount of Lune, you may check your balance at any time by accessing the inventory screen.


Pressing 'N' or clicking on the icon shown in the screenshot will instantly transport you to the haven of Nusamlatana, the keeper of treasures.
Locate Nusamlatana once you're within her forest, and start a conversation by clicking on her.
Choose 'Trade goods' in order to see what she has for sale.
Navigate Nusamlatana's shop inventory by clicking on 'Other' tab.
Carefully look over the offered items, paying attention to the effect and duration of each.
Once you have made your selection, click and drag the item onto your inventory. As soon as the purchase is made, the item may not be resold to Nusamlatana in exchange for Lune. This process is one-way, so make sure not to make a mistake!
In order to get back to where you were in the game world, press 'N' one more time, or click again on the icon. If you log off in the haven, pressing the icon upon relogging will take you to Rian village.

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