Rian - Xena

  This is about Xena, one of the main characters of The Thang.
Let's take a look at her.

Tribe - Rian


In the forest located on eastern tip of the continent, a tribe called Rian has been living peacefully with beasts and animals for a long time. Based on family system, they are very homely, simple-hearted, and peace-loving people. The hunting skill using spears called Nang is excellent. The big tree called Napo in the center of the village is the guardian of the village, and people offer sacrifices to the tree in religious ceremonies and events. The villagers also think that gods live in mountains, rivers, sources of water, and forests.


Avatar - Xena.

Xena is the daughter of the elder of the Rian and also the first follower. The style of her attack is agile and precise, and she is also very good with different weapons from all sorts of tribes. Her skill with Nang is particularly outstanding. With the skill unique to the Rian for a very long time, she can ask animals such as birds or insects for help. However, she is physically weak compared to others.


The following diagram is the initial stats of Xena at Level 1.

   *  The initial stats of Xena
Strength Intelligence Stamina Dexterity Sense Ki
5 1 2 2 5 3
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Attack Capability of Weapons


Xena with Nang - The higher the Strength is, the stronger the attack level of nang becomes.
Xena with Daggers - The higher the Sense is, the stronger the attack level of daggers becomes.
Xena with Dart - The higher the Dexterity and Sense are, the stronger the attack level of dart becomes.


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