An outline of Game-point system
  Basically, certain game-point will be reserved whenever you perform a community activity or purchasing Lune items. And when these game-points gets certain level, you purchase items or lucky cupons from in-game or website by those points.
  Game-point acquiring methods
  Treat everyone with equal respect
  - 100 Point per 1,000 LUNE
  User Review
  - When you write afternotes for purchased items at our omepage shopping mall, points will be
  reserved after judging it's usability.(10,30,50,100 points)
  - Reviews contain improper contents or could cause miscommunication cannot fall under point
  saving list.
  Community activity ( From July 15, 2005)
  - 10 Points per one Free Board writing
  - 20 Points per one Tips & Tech writing
  - 3 Points per one Screen Shot writing
  - 2 Points per one Reply writing
  - The ammount of obtained Game-points per a day is limited as 100 points.
  - Although please notice that bad writings can reduce your game-points almost 3 times of it's
  reserved ammount.
  Special event
  - You can obtain game-points from attending to our various events
  Point confirmation
  Players can check their saved points at Thang Online website's Account -My Thang - Point history.
  Game-point usage
  Please use our Item mall - Point shop for purchasing point item.
  Lucky cupon sales
  - 1,000 points for white lucky cupon : For normal users
  - 6,000 points for yellow lucky cupon : For passionate users
  - 15,000 points for blue lucky cupon : For VIP users
  Game Item sales
  - You can purchase special items including LUNE items by game-points.(Further notice)
  Web decorating Item sales
  - (Further notice)
  VIP membership issue
  - You will be issued our VIP, GOLD, and Silver membership based on your reserved points,
  and these memberships will be used for special benefits to our special users.
  (Further notice)
  Game-points usage contract
  Game-points cannot be given or traded to other user, and can only be used at our Thang Online
  Game-points reserving methods, ammounts and uasge mehtods can be adjustable based on
   our Thang Online administration policy.
  Game-points usage contract
  You can start to reserve and use our game-points from July 8th.
  Some content's embodiment time can be different from others

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