Basic Screen Display 1~5
  1.The basic status
  This page displays the basic status - your experience level, basic screen display, the basic status of your avatar. HP is life points, MP is magic points, SP is Running Points, and EXP is experience points.
  2. Basic Menu and Keys
These keys are the most basic keys used in the game. Number keys are hotkeys.
* Avatar Information (1): This window shows stats and other facts about avatars.
* Skills (2): This window shows the list of skills of your avatar.
* Inventory (3): This window shows the items the avatar is wearing and the items your
                          avatar obtained.
* Group(4): This window shows information on the group your avatar belongs to, such as
                    guilds or parties.
* Quest (5): This window shows the process of the quest.
* Mini Map (6): You can turn Mini Map ON/OFF.
* Chatting (7): You can turn the chatting window ON/OFF.
* Option (8): You can adjust the resolution, sound, PK On/Off and others.
* Exit (0): You can select server and character or exit.
  3. HP and MP Recovery Hotkeys
  You can use items that help you recover HP and MP, such as potions, Tear of Muru, and Fruit of Turan. The hotkeys are Z (HP) and X (MP).  
  4. Walk/Run Key
  You can make you avatar walk or run. The hotkey is C.  
  5. Opening or Changing Stores
  You can register items and change the name of the store here. For more information, please refer to Barter and Stores in the Player Guide. The hotkey is M.  
  Basic Screen Display 6~10
  6. Quick Slots
  You can use quickly registered Items to slot. The HotKeys for slot are F1~F6
  7. Selecting Weapons and Skills

You can select your weapons and skills according to them. You cannot use skills of other tribes displayed in the bottom, but you can obtain and store the skills from other tribes. Common skills are the ones that every tribe can use, even without weapons. The numbers indicated in Skills indicate the level of that particular skill. The hotkey for Skills Window is 2; the hotkeys for weapons are A, S, D, and F, and the hotkeys for skills are Q, W, E, R, T, and Y, respectively from your left. For more information, please refer to Exchanging Weapons and Skills in the Player Guide.

  8. KI System Window
  You can use KI, the formless power of avatar, to strengthen you attack, defense, and spiritual power in real time. The hotkeys for selecting are U for attack, I for defense, O for spiritual power, and P is for application. For more information, please refer to KI System in the Player Guide.  
  9. Mini Map
  You can locate your avartar in this window. In the bottom part, the name of the map and coordinates are displayed. You can also locate the members of your party. The hotkey is 6.  
  10. Chatting Window
  You can chat with other users here. There are various options such as Roar and Party Talk. For more information, please refer to Chatting in the Player Guide. The hotkey is 7.  


  Basic Operation and Hotkeys
  1. Basic Control

* Left mouse button
Left mouse button controls the action of avatars. Avatars move to the click point, and it controls collecting items, selecting monster and attack. (Shift + Left mouse button, and click avatars of other players, and 1:1 Menu pops up.)
* Right Mouse Button
Right mouse button controls the skills of avatars. Select a skill, right click, and then your avatar uses that particular skill. You can cancel item repair when you right-click while repairing.
* Mouse Wheel Scroll
Mouse wheel scroll controls the ZOOM IN/OUT of the game start page. Home (ZOOM IN) and End (ZOOM OUT) keys have the same function.

  2. HotKeys
Basic Menu HotKey
Avatar's Info Window 1
Skill Window 2
Inventory Window 3
Group Window 4
Quest 5
Mini Map 6
Chatting Window 7
Option Windows 8
Recovery related HotKey
Recover HP Z
Recover MP X
Store Open /change HotKey
Store Window M
Avatar's aciton HotKey
Walk/Run C
Sit up/down V
Weapon change HotKey
Weapon 1 A
Weapon 2 S
Weapon 3 D
Weapon 4 F
Skill change HotKey
Registration 1 Q
Registration 2 W
Registration 3 E
Registration 4 R
Registration 5 T
Registration 6 Y
Skill trade Tab
Quick Slot-bar HotKey
Slot 1 F1
Slot 2 F2
Slot 3 F3
Slot 4 F4
Slot 5 F5
Slot 6 F6
Ki system HotKey
Attack Sharing U
Depense Sharing I
Soul Sharing O
Apply P
Chatting related HotKey
Start Chatting Enter
Talk to the whole Alt + Q
Whisper Alt + W
Party Alt + E
Guild Alt + R
Shout Alt + R
Shout Out Alt + Y
1:1 Menu HotKey
Whisper Shift + B
Shift + N
Store Window Shift + M
PvP Shift + F
Party Shift + K
Guild Shift + L


  3. 1:1 Menu

Shift + Left Click on the other avatar, and a small menu bar pops up. This is 1:1 Menu.

Picture MENU Description
Trade Ask the other player for Transaction. Refuse if you do not want transaction. For more information, please refer to Barter and Stores in the Player Guide.
Whisper Whisper to the other player.
Party Ask to join the Party. If the other player refuses, then the party cannot be formed.
PvP Ask for 1:1 Fight. If they accept, you can bet your item and start Fight. For more information, please refer to Fight System in the Player Guide.





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