Here are detailed and easy guides about installing and starting the game. For more questions, pleas refer to the Q&A section of the site.
The patch will automatically start when the game starts. The patch will not start if there is no update.
  Game start and file test

Game Start : Start playing the game.
Join : Jump to the homepage and create an account.
File Test : When the game does not start, click on "File Test" and
  it will test on updated files you downloaded.
Exit : Exit the game.
Click on Game Start to start playing.
If the game does not start or there is an error, click on
"File Test" to run a test.
If it still does not start, please let us know in the Q&A
section of the site.
Select Server
How to select server.
Information on avatar can only be shared in the Wolrds(Rian).
If the server is different,
You wont be able to share.
Select the server, and you will see the login window.
Type your account ID and password. if you do not have an account yet,
click on Join and you can go directly to the homepage
and create a new account.
Create Avatar
How to create an avatar.
Select an avatar and choose a name.
Select Avatar
Select the avatar you created and click on OK to
get the game started.
Game Connect
How to laod geographic features. When the geographic features are loaded, then you will automatically go
to the game start page.

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Date :
00:00 ~ 09:00(GMT)
Monday ~ Friday
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