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If you do not have your avatar yet, please refer to Creating and Deleting Avatar in the Install and Start page. In the world of The Thang online, the dark power, defeated in the battle with Light, is trying to prey on peaceful Om Lit Praga in order to resist Light. You must order your warriors to control Darkness and protect Om Lit Praga from the dark power. You need power and strength to do that. Your warriors need to be stronger. Train your warriors in Battles. Remember that the fate of Om Lit Praga is in your hands.
Let's look at the Battles tips.
There are cruel monsters outside the village. They range from domestic animals, once friendly animals, now distorted by the dark force to beasts or insects living in the forest or desert. Let's fight these monsters first.
  In Battle
  Coming Back to Life after Death
If your avatar loses all its HP while hunting monsters, then your avatar dies. When it dies, it can come back to life in the Resurrection Point, assigned in the map, later. Remember that you get Death Penalty when your avatar comes back to life.
Resurrection Point This is the point where the dead avatars come back to life. These points are in different locations in each map, and they are assigned.
Death Penalty This is the damage your avatar must sustain when it comes back to life. It comes back to life with 2/3 of HP; if the level is above 10, then the experience level goes down partly.
  Drop items in the field - with Alt pressed.
Monsters drop items when they die, but not all monsters drop their items. You can collect the drop items only when the cursor changes into Collect Cursor. If collecting items does not work, please check if the Inventory is empty. Items that you do not collect vanish after a certain period of time, and you cannot collect the drop items of monsters that are killed by other avatars for a certain period of time too. You can use the collected items and Dien, and exchange them with better items in transactions with NPC's in villages or other avatars. You can arm your avatar better and stronger.
Drop Items Monsters drop their items at a certain probability when they die. Press down Alt to check the names.
Collect Cursor Put the cursor on dropped items, and it will change into a hand, and this is called Collect Cursor. When the cursor changes into a hand, left-click, then you can collect that item.
Inventory You can store the items that belong to your avatar. If the inventory is full, then you cannot collect other items.
  Exquisite details of avatars

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